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Dear Kitty
Monday, April 18, 2005
  Welcome to Dear Kitty backup blog on Blogger
Welcome to this blog.

I am fairly new to blogging. Early this year, I started Dear Kitty ModBlog.

I like ModBlog a lot. However, it turned out that sometimes there is downtime at ModBlog when I want to post something quickly.

For these emergencies, I started this backup blog here. I hope I will learn to understand the possibilities of Blogger.


Hi, It's me[critical.modblog.com]Is's good to have aback up blog. I also have a back up blog here at blogger. Actually, Modblog is down at this moment.
Hi, critical, thanks for reacting.

Actually, at the moment, ModBlog is not down; but sometimes it says Error, and when you do Refresh then, it's there again.
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